‘Made in USA’ … For Now

There’s a good, thorough explanation in the Jan. 4 editionĀ of the Washington Post on the rigors of competing as a US-based printed circuit board fabricator. Thanks to Rick Kincaid for opening his doors (K&F Electronics) to the reporter to explain the dilemma.


A Shot at the Fox

Kudos to the Washington Post for its condemnation of Foxconn’s heavy-handed treatment toward humans. And an extra high five for pointing out that while arguing with Foxconn is futile, the effective response could be to boycott products designed by Foxconn’s customers.

But it’s sad to say that the WaPo’s editorial — a blog, really — came only after Foxconn workers were accused of attacking a journalist. Foxconn employs hundreds of thousands of workers. Should not their fates matter, too?