The Non-Mentor Post

Taking a break from the ongoing tennis match between one major CAD company and its, shall we say, less-than-pleased biggest shareholder, there’s been some interesting developments elsewhere this week.

As noted yesterday, Altium is packing up its HQ, R&D and marketing teams and moving them lock, stock and barrel to Shanghai. After hearing some of the usual chortling and catcalls, then finally speaking with Altium (late) last night, the rationale behind the move seems sound, if a bit abrupt. I’ll have more on that later today when I post the interview.

Also on the far West side of the Pacific (it doesn’t pay to sleep in this job) Fujitsu will integrate its signal integrity tool into¬† Zuken’s CAD suite. (Not certain yet what this means for Zuken’s own SI tools, which at the moment actually have a larger market share than Fujitsu’s.) The move would put the combined suite closer to No. 2 Ansoft in the SI arena. Mentor is still well ahead of the pack, but it’s a start.