Changes Coming in Computing?


I was in the Dartmouth College computer store in 2004 or 2005 and I saw a signed that proclaimed: “After July 1st computer services will no longer support Apple Macintosh.”

By 2008, however, I noticed more and more of my students using Macs. This trend was important to me as I use Minitab software in two of my classes. Newer versions of Minitab only support Windows.

This year, so many of my students use Macs, that I have to hold the classes in which I teach Minitab in the engineering department’s computer lab, as I want the students to follow me on a computer.

I was recently told that 75% of the incoming freshman at Dartmouth will be using Macs. All of this in spite of Macs significantly greater cost over a Windows based PC.

Since the students at our colleges and universities will be tomorrow’s leaders, this may portend big changes ahead in computing.


Dr. Ron

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About Dr. Ron

Materials expert Dr. Ron Lasky is a professor of engineering and senior lecturer at Dartmouth, and senior technologist at Indium Corp. He has a Ph.D. in materials science from Cornell University, and is a prolific author and lecturer, having published more than 40 papers. He received the SMTA Founders Award in 2003.

3 thoughts on “Changes Coming in Computing?

  1. Ron,
    The statement “no longer support Apple Macintosh.”…
    I would expect this to directed at specifically the Macintosh.. not all Apple computers.

    regardless .. latest Apple OS supports using Windows programs on an Apple computer.
    So your use of Minitab… shouldn’t be an issue.

    The Macintosh hasn’t been produced for a long time (20 years?)
    A “Mac” isn’t always a “Macintosh”..

    Gotta love a “live” language… (English)

    Common understandings of terms .. constantly changing.
    Apps (no longer “applications”)…
    Mac.. generic term for Apple computer..

    Never understood “turbo charged” shaving in advertising.. (where’s the turbine?)

    In tech field even more confusing when mixed with abbreviations…
    .. Intellectual Property?
    .. Internet Protocol?
    often in the same sentence! ( the IP used for putting a 10BT solution using IP?)

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