ECHA’s New Website Is Good But Not Perfect

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has finally updated its website for a more user-friendly, intuitive and let’s call it what it is: functional user experience.

The new site is easier to use, for sure.  The site still errs on the side of delivering editorials about REACH and related topics rather than providing the tools we need to execute tasks (it’s very European to want to talk more about it, while Americans want to get right to the action).

So if you’re looking for the Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) candidate list — you’ll find a lot of pages talking about the list but you’ll pull your hair out trying to get to the list itself.  The list is here:

Tip: Google is a quicker way to find tables, tools and lists on the site rather than using the ECHA search box.  Search for “ECHA Candidate List” on both Google and ECHA — and you’ll agree.

12 new SVHCs  ECHA says committees have unanimously agreed to add 12 new chemicals of very high concern to that candidate list, so you’ll want to know where to find it.  Today, the list stands at 53 SVHCs today, also kept up to date at websites besides ECHA’s.

Overall, people will appreciate the improvements.  It’s getting better all the time, as the Beatles said.