Electronics Assembly in Action


Struggling to find a good, royalty-free, video of electronics assembly, my Dartmouth ENGM 185 class on manufacturing processes decided to make our own. I think it is pretty good considering our limited ($0) budget.

It was filmed at PCM in Springfield, VT. The young woman in the video is my ENGS 3 student from last summer, Ruthie Welch. The entire ENGM 185 class participated in the production.

As an aside, PCM’s assembly process uses lead-free solder paste.


Dr. Ron

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Materials expert Dr. Ron Lasky is a professor of engineering and senior lecturer at Dartmouth, and senior technologist at Indium Corp. He has a Ph.D. in materials science from Cornell University, and is a prolific author and lecturer, having published more than 40 papers. He received the SMTA Founders Award in 2003.

One thought on “Electronics Assembly in Action

  1. Ron
    Nice film. On behalf of the industry – Thanks! This is a good reference for our laymen friends who wonder what it is we do (after we explain that we don’t do software….).
    Congrats to you and your team at Dartmouth.
    Phil Z

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