Four Years and Blogging

The Screaming Circuits blog celebrates its fourth year blogging today (Sept. 14, 2010). In that time, it has had 447 (448, including this one) posts and 250 reader comments (more if you count the spammy ones I deleted).

Popular subjects have been:

A year ago, I noted that the blog had 311 posts, or about 100 per year. That gives 137 posts this last year, so apparently, I’ve picked up the pace a little bit. Some other likely non-interesting statistics: that’s about 140,000 words, a million key presses and 459 images. My fingers must be tired. Maybe bruised on the tips. Only four of them should be sore though. I skipped all the typing classes and came up with my own variety of modified two-finger hunt and peck using just the index and middle fingers of both hands.

For the most part, all of those images, key presses and words have been attempts at passing on useful information and some diversionary blathering with hopefully not too much self-serving drivel. I think I’ve avoided getting into any political discussions during that time. Nothing controversial. That’s probably best given that this blog is the voice of Screaming Circuits, not the voice of me. Maybe one or two of my top 10 lists may have come close though.

Duane Benson
Live long and preserve all raspberries

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