My Mistake — Naturally

I received my PCBs for this project from Sunstone yesterday at about 10:10. I quickly dropped them into my box of parts and delivered it to the receiving pile-of-boxes in our shipping.receiving department. At 11:40 a.m. yesterday, I received an email from our auditing department informing me of a BoM mismatch.

BOM mismatch Yes. I had made a mistake in my bill of materials. The board has a bunch of yellow LEDs and one red LED. I had mistakenly only packed up yellows. Our audit department caught my mistake and sent me a quick email. If I hadn’t have responded yesterday, I would have received another email at midnight. I could have just told the Downsized_0421110938a manufacturing folks to put a yellow LED in that spot, but the yellows are for a display and the red is a power-on indicator so I got my red LEDs and delivered them to receiving.

This morning I got my assembled boards all nicely wrapped in anti-static bags along with all my leftover parts in their original packaging. Next step, get some batteries and power them up.

Duane Benson
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One thought on “My Mistake — Naturally

  1. Funny you should mention – late emails. One of our high-volume PCB manufacturers consistantly quotes quick-turn boards for us. Say, like a 5-day spin. So I submit data on day 1 – consistantly get an email at 6:00pm or later (off work hours for me) with some little annoying issue. Puts the job on HOLD. That eats up Day 1. Now it’s a 6-day spin even though we’ve paid for the 5-day spin. Funny how that works.

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