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It is hard to believe that I have been blogging for over 7 years now. In all this time it has surprised me how much interest there has been in the solder density calculator that I developed. At the suggestion of Tim Jensen, I have added a feature that can calculate the volume of solder paste and flux if given their masses or vice versus. The densities of the solder paste alloy and flux are also needed.  Most fluxes have a density of about 1 g/cm3. If you are interested in this updated software tool, download it here.*

Knowing the volume of the solder and flux in a solder paste is critical if you are using the pin-in-paste process, with or without solder preforms. I have also developed a software package called StencilCoach that can calculate stencil parameters and the special parameters needed for the pin-in-paste process. I will also send this free software tool to those that are interested.

The image shows the schematic for the solder volume calculations for the pin-in-paste process. The equations were developed by Creyr Innovation’s Jim McLenaghan.


Dr. Ron

*Note that the software is free, but you will need to provide a working email address.

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  1. I am interested in your StencilCoach software. Can you e-mail me a copy when you get the chance. Thank you, Scott H.

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