Speaking of Art in the Process

I really like this picture. It’s nothing particularly special. Just a BGA-type attachment point of load (POL) power module in the middle of a big PCB, but the contrasting colors, the angle, the range of focus, the component positioning. It just looks cool to me.


I know the function is supposed to be the most important thing, but I’ve always felt that there is a lot of art in PCB design. It’s been said that an airplane that looks good will fly good and I think there’s something in that phrase for electronics too.

No, I’m not advocating putting the visual appeal ahead of clock rise times, trace impedance and current capacity. It is first and foremost, an electronic device with an important function to deliver. But I think a visually attractive, while still superbly functional, product makes a statement about the designer’s overall attention to detail.

Duane Benson
Or, it might just be making a statement about how tight the development schedule is …