What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Questions for the day:

  1. What are we looking at here? (Come on, you can be more specific than that)
  2. What’s wrong with it?
  3. Where are we going?
  4. When?

What is wrong
And… will it work? Or is it just scrap? Stay tuned. Answers will appear on the Screaming Circuits blog either in the comments or in a new post.

Duane Benson
It flies like a truck.


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6 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with this Picture?

  1. 1) Reason for not using OSP finish
    2) Board has sit too long prior to applying surface finish – back to the scrubber
    3) Surface finish not called out in the board notes
    4) off-shore manufactured board (NOT made in the USA)

  2. It’s a BGA?
    As Emilio say – not surface finish (unless its OSP?)
    Some bad pads.

    Your going back to the board manufacturer and soon. 🙂
    Certainly not to mars.

  3. Depending on lighting used when image was created…
    could be ENG … or OSP pcb…

    Obviously variations in finish.. bad.. need to be investigated before releasing to production.
    Without more info (than image on computer)… hard to be sure.
    I don’t have “color corrected” monitors on my computers… very few do.
    Why do people assume the monitor on viewer’s systems will display exactly the same?
    For that matter why does anyone assume .. there aren’t color blind Engineers?

    Likely issues are .. bad plating (nickel under the gold) or oxidation issues (if OSP)

    Most likely response being expected: OSP pcb .. on the shelf too long.

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