All’s Well at West

We really had an outstanding week at PCB West. Preshow registration rose to nearly 2,000 (!) and actual attendance was up more than 30% over last year.

Congratulations to Judy Warner and Michael Ingham, whose talk on RF/microwave design and fabrication drew more than 100 attendees, the most in the conference. Newcomer Jamin Taylor’s presentation on flex construction also drew more than 80 folks. Well done!

I also want to congratulate the winners of the PCD&F NPI Award for best new software tools of 2011. They include:

  • Design Verification Tools: DfR Solutions (Sherlock Automated Design Analysis)
  • Computer-aided Design (CAM) Tools: Downstream Technologies (CAM350)
  • Documentation Tools: Polar Instruments (Professional HDI Stackup Design & Documentation)
  • PCB Design Tools: Altium (Altium Designer 10)
  • System Modeling and Simulation Tools: Sigrity (SystemSI – Parallel Bus Analysis)

We have posted the full announcements on PCD&F’s site. Thanks to all who attended!

One thought on “All’s Well at West

  1. Thank you Mike Buetow and the entire UP Media Family for hosting a great event! We were delighted to be invited to present and attend the show and conference! Our thanks to all the attendees who came to our presentation as well. We will have the supplementary information to you asap. Best wishes, Judy Warner

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