The Pb-Free Bookworm

How many books did you read last year? John R. Barnes claims 300 himself, and that’s just cover-to-cover. (In his free time, he devoured some 800 magazine articles.)

After seeing his own opus, I believe him. The former Lexmark engineer’s tome, Robust Electronic Design Reference Book, checks in at about 1,500 pages, including 122 pages of references. (Writing it took him 4,200 hours, says Barnes, who apparently documents pretty much everything.)

None of that it is the point of this post, however. Rather, I want to call attention to Barnes’ “other” effort — the documenting of all the available references to lead-free electronics. He has painstakingly cataloged and alphabetized the list, with links available here. This is a must bookmark for anyone involved in lead-free manufacturing, and the industry owes Barnes a standing ovation for compiling it.

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One thought on “The Pb-Free Bookworm

  1. A significant effort .. appreciated…

    But I remain a bit depressed at the lack of understanding by policy makers around the world….
    They appear to be so certain that some magic moment of creativity by some unsung tech hero will make it all better..
    Lead .. bad .. get rid of it.
    replacement? don’t worry about it… someone will figure it out.

    Yes someone did figure it out… and it is worst…
    Unless you think obsolescence on a 3 year cycle is good for the economy and nature and the use of “other” yet defined poisons is an improvement.
    I am sure there is someone that thinks this is for the better.
    I don’t.

    I understand faith… faith in my abilities, in God, in humanity’s creativity…
    I also understand the limits of society and technology for rate of change.

    Apparently a lot of people (policy makers) believe “Moore’s Law” (observation)
    is some sort of natural / physical truth that applies to all things technical.
    This is sad statement on our society’s education / understanding of science and technology.

    And I doubt we can avoid significant waste and suffering before society learns this
    is not the case.

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