Let The 2010 Road Trips Begin

Next month I’ll be getting back into travel mode as the annual trade show/conference schedule gets underway. If it’s February, it’s time for DesignCon in Santa Clara. Years ago I made it a point to regularly attend DesignCon, but that was a time when one of my responsibilities was a magazine that focused on SOC technology. The technical program was primarily academia based and dealt with chip design and related technologies. But now I’m told that DesignCon is putting a new emphasis on PCB Design and I want to see for myself. I’ve reviewed the show catalogue and most of what I’ve seen is focused on a rather high level of design abstraction that the majority of designer’s never deal with, but we’ll see.
Hopefully I’ll get to see some of our readers and advertisers face-to-face and learn something in the process. If you are planning to be there, shoot me an email. Tell me what you are looking to take away from the event and we can compare notes later.