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Here’s fodder for those who believe government should stay out of the “job creation” business. In the past few years one Florida county gave tens of millions in direct funding and tax breaks to a series of companies that are now accused of not having delivered on their employment promises. It’s not clear from the news item, but it appears one of the companies — Jabil — never lived up to its job guarantees and the state is now trying to renegotiate the contract.


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2 thoughts on “Pay to Work

  1. Of course, federal or state government isnt smart enough to enact a policy of tax breaks, etc as you earn them….just here’s the money. At least all of the accounting wasnt lost int the books somewhere…

  2. gumnt is like grandparents. so cute, and loveable. they just love to hand you something when they see you. companies are like little children. when they see gumnt giving away stuff for free, they’ll always want more, and will find as many creative ways to get more – again, under the assumption that it’s just “free stuff”. you give me a way of taking $4M in free stuff, and I’ll find a good finance manager that will help me do it, and not have to show where it’s going —> (e.g. Solyndra ring a bell?) Companies create jobs!!! Companies track their own investments (e.g. employees)!!! Companies have to make profit, or they don’t survive!!! gumnt? they like to give money…

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