Soup to Nuts

Today Mentor Graphics signed an agreement to acquire Valor Computerized Systems. This acquisition gives Mentor a robust back end to an already impressive stable of systems design tools.

I guess it just goes to show that there are still acquisitions out there worth making. While I can’t confirm yet that the PCB Matrix library tools are included (it’s 10:30 pm EST right now), I’m assuming that it does. Talk about your soup to nuts: the only thing missing is to make the relationship with Downstream more formal and Mentor will have design covered from design entry to documentation and manufacturability.

While the deal is still subject to regulatory approval, it does not appear that there will be problems.

The deal is expected to close early in the first quarter of 2010. Stay tuned for more.

3 thoughts on “Soup to Nuts

  1. This is great for Mentor, they also just purchased Aegis. Is this good for customers? Our industry will soon have only one choice when it comes to design tools. We’ve seen it before in component distribution. What does a regulatory commission do if it doesn’t regulate, contact your representative and tell them what you think, it’s our last chance.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts.

    One note, though: Mentor purchased Aegis? As in Aegis Industrial Solutions? That might be news to both companies,

  3. Anon, I agree that it sometimes seems we may end up with one major player in PCB EDA. Hopefully it won’t be any time soon. I do remember when we had 15 or 20 players in the arena.
    As for the Aegis acquisition, I’ve checked with the folks at Mentor and no one knows anything about this. Do youhave more info you can share?


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