New Blog Link

To the right on this page is a list of links to other blogs related to printed circuit board design, fabrication, assembly and supply-chain management.

Among the recently added is a link to Tektronix’s new Bandwidth Banter blog. Bandwidth Banter is a useful and lively mix of test tips, perspectives and musings directly from the Tektronix engineering community and create a new channel for conversation and feedback. Discussions will explore how test and measurement technologies can be applied to tackle difficult debug challenges or delve into best-practices for cross-domain triggering to isolate design flaws, for instance. At the same time, readers can expect to find practical tips and hands-on guidance about using test instruments more effectively as well as more light-hearted takes on the state of the industry.

The downside: to comment, you have to register using Tektronix’s site, not a third-party site like Disqus. So in short, Tektronix gets your name and contact info.