The End of CircuiTree

Today we bid farewell to CircuiTree Magazine, which will fold on May 1.

Larry Maher, global sales manager, CircuiTree, sent an email to customers today, writing: “It is my sad duty to inform you that effective May 1, CircuiTree Magazine  will be ceasing publication.  The last published issue is the April, 2011 issue.  The CircuiTree e-mail newsletters will cease publication effective May 1 and the CircuiTree web site will be closed on May 1.”

CircuiTree was an earnest and competent challenger through the years, despite its many management changes. The past few years, it suffered from something of an identity problem as it struggled with trying to decide which market it served. As a result, I think its coverage suffered. Still, 25 years is a good life for a magazine. Today, we salute our fallen competitors and colleagues.