REACH Database: Over 5000 Substances Registered

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) announced Wednesday that ECHA’s Dissemination Database contains now 4413 records. In total, 5181 substances have been registered as of Nov. 3, 2011, says the agency.

There are now 3908 substances published on the list of registered publishable substances.

On ECHA’s dissemination portal, you can download information or search for substances; an excellent resource for folks looking more deeply into REACH compliance.

The next big REACH deadline is May, 2013, but ECHA is asking companies to start preparing now.

En route to the 2013 deadline, there are two key deadlines for 2012:

1. Late preregistration deadline prior to the 2013 registration deadline, for first time manufacturers and importers;

2. Downstream users should notify suppliers of uses by May 31, 2012 at the latest.