What’s Old is News

God love the Internet.

Nothing ever ages. Or, better said, anything can be reborn in a moment.

Take for instance, today’s report in DigiTimes.

“India officials are allegedly subsidizing US$10 billion in semiconductor manufacturing, according to Reuters citing knowledgeable sources.”

A quick review of Reuters stories over the past 90 days show no such reporting, however.

Is DigiTimes wrong?

Nope. But one must go back to Mar. 31 to find the piece: “India is offering more than $1 billion in cash to each semiconductor company that sets up manufacturing units in the country as it seeks to build on its smartphone assembly industry and strengthen its electronics supply chain, two officials said.”

This happens a lot, actually. I got a kick out of a recent recycling by multiple industry news aggregators that claimed Epec has acquired NetVia.

“Hmmm,” I thought. “That’s weird.” Because I am pretty confident that already happened.

And sure enough, that deal dates to November 2020.

What happens is that aggregators use alerts to find news, and crawlers sometimes bring old information back to the surface. Unsuspecting or inattentive editors grab the “new story” and link to it for that day’s newsletter.

And everything old is new again.

Board Buys Back

While the talk of DDi-Coretec and TTM-Meadville and Viasystems-Merix understandably rules the headlines, there are plenty of smaller deals taking place too.

Indeed, market analysis shows that the most difficult time for most flailing companies comes not during a downturn but on the recovery end of the slope.

Whether that’s the case with FM Circuits or Waytec is not clear, but both firms have been snatched up by Epec in recent weeks, the latter being announced today. We also get news of another small East Coast PWB fabricator in play; hopefully we can report that later today.

I’m not surprised about these deals. In fact, if anything, I’m surprised there aren’t more taking place.