Hats Off to Gary

Congratulations to Gary Ferrari, who last month became the 33d person to gain induction to the IPC Hall of Fame. For printed circuit board designers, this is something of a symbolic victory, as Ferrari is just the third designer (after Dieter Bergman and Vern Solberg) to make it in the IPC Hall.

Ferrari, who has been an occasional contributor to PCD&F over the years, needs little in the way of introduction to the current generation of designers, in the US and abroad. He has his name on all the major industry design and fabrication standards, having led the development of IPC-D-275 and IPC-RB-276 (now IPC-2221/2222 and IPC-6011/6012, respectively). He, along with Bergman, helped found the IPC Designers Council and drove the certification program. Along the way, he has trained or taught several thousand engineers and designers on a variety of topics from layout to heat management to standards to fabrication and assembly. While not the person whose name you will see on a book, Ferrari is still one of the first phone calls anyone with an engineering problem is likely to make.

The timing is bittersweet in that it occurred just months after the death of Bergman, Ferrari’s longtime friend and colleague. Still, it is a long time coming for one of the true iron men of the industry. I am thrilled for my friend.

Fun and Sun in Santa Clara

Just a terrific week at PCB West in Santa Clara last week. It was great seeing old friends like Gary Ferrari, Susy Webb and Rick Hartley, and of course, for the first time in a few years, Doug Brooks. The weather was great, the show was even better –attendance was up 10% over last year (take that, stupid economy!) and the sold-out floor was bursting at the seams much of the day.

And I couldn’t be associated with a finer, harder working group of people than my colleagues at UP Media.

I’ll have more up soon on the show itself, but for now, it’s all smiles here.