Mel Breaks Loose

A fond farewell to Mel Parrish, who retired this week from STI Electronics.

I’ve known Mel (below, right) for more than 20 years, back to my days at IPC and his at the EMPF in Indianapolis. Through his stints at the Air Force, US Navy (China Lake), and finally STI, Mel has been a constant at the solder and training standards and certification programs. He’s also been one of those rare preternaturally even-keeled fellows you could rely on for technical advice, or a good story, or just some thoughtful wisdom.


STI president and CEO Dave Raby (above, left) said that while he’s happy for Mel, he has been “a vital part of our organization for many years and will be missed.”

I think the industry would agree in spades.

In Praise of Parrish

Congrats to old friend Mel Parrish, who has been named chair of the Technical Activities Executive Committee, which oversees all IPC technical programs.

This is a significant achievement. Mel, who has a long and storied history dating to the soldering schools China Lake, has spent the last several years at STI Electronics Inc., and has intimate knowledge of the IPC’s best-selling standards (IPC-A-610, IPC-A-600 and J-STD-001) and the correlated training programs.

It’s a well-deserved nod.