Embedded Down

Schweizer Electronic has filed for a patent for producing an embedded component multilayer circuit board, becoming approximately the 4,381st company to do so.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

Embedding actual components — actives or passives — has been a technology that not only was conceived (and patented) years ago, but has been in production for years in high-reliability (read: missile) technology.

The literature is full of articles explaining how to design, fabricate and test such boards and devices.
Yes, there are slightly different processes for achieving the end-result, but none such I am aware of that at this point would qualify as truly novel.

Here’s a thought. Instead of creating even more potential barriers to entry by muddying the IP waters even further for this important technology, let’s all call a truce and set out to help build what the OEMs want: cheaper, faster, lighter products.