Take A Trip And Never Leave The Farm

Just in case you haven’t gotten an email from me or one of our fabulous staff, I want to remind you that Virtual PCB opens tomorrow, Tuesday March 2, 2010. For those of you who haven’t seen the pre show ads or emails, Virtual PCB is the only free-to-attend, online interactive “virtual” trade show and conference for PCB design, fabrication and assembly markets. This is the third Virtual PCB that we’ve produced and every year seems to get even better. To optomize the experience, take a minute to fill out a profile. You can even load a picture or choose from the supplied avatars. Then check out the Resource center for the Attendee Guide and other tips to help you take full advantage of all the show has to offer.

This year we’ve added more EDA exhibitors and show content for attendees. Once you enter the show you’ll be able to visit with exhibitors on the show floor. When you enter an exhibitors booth you can chat live with a representative from that company. Also look for the content tab within each booth to see what white papers or other material they have available. You can also visit the auditorium and choose from a host of presentations, or visit the lounge and chat with other attendees. The UPMG staff will be in the show most of Tuesday and Wednesday and we’ll be looking for you.

To me, the greatest thing about Virtual PCB is that you never have to leave the comfort of your favorite viewing spot to enjoy all the benefits of a live trade show and conference built and targeted for you. Well, that and the fact that you can do the whole show your bathrobe and flip flops if you want.
Just in case, I’ve included the url below, or simply go to http://www.pcbshows.com/ and follow the links to Virtual PCB.