The person behind the curtain

I do appreciate the fact that someone posted a response to the last post, but I’ve always wondered who this Anon Ymous is. I’ve seen his or her post on a lot of blogs so I assume he or she spends all their time posting comments to blogs and is worried that his or her boss will catch on. Come on Anon, come out from behind that curtain.

As for the Porch Dawgs, last time we did the full blown gig, we had a bout six people in the room. Last couple of years we’ve done an unplugged thang at the show. If we have enough people there we can bring back the Dawgs, otherwise we’ll keep doing the unplugged. There are some awesome musicians that are Dawgs. Last couple of years I’ve been privileged to hear (and try to keep up with) Danny Carr. That dude is one of my favorite guitar players period. Those that know him and have heard him can attest. He’s also a heck of a great guy. Danny, I love ya man. Of course dr Ron is also one of the best entertainers the Dawgs ever produced (yeah Ron, I’m taking all the credit for getting you out of the closet. May not be factual, but that’s my story and I’m stickin to it).

As for Top Gun, if there is enough interest we’ll do it. If only one or two people wanna sign up, probably not. We really want to do what you folks want at PCB West. Thanks to those who have sent me suggestions lately, still room for more…

Stay in touch.