Up in the Air over GE

In today’s outsourcing news, GE is teaming with a China aerospace company to build electronics systems for commercial aircraft customers.

What’s fascinating is how the conglomerate is spinning this, saying the deal will create 200 jobs in the US. “Our participation has the potential to grow high-tech jobs in the U.S., in addition to creating bilateral industrial cooperation with China,” said aviation unit president Lorraine Bolsinger.

Two hundred jobs? Really? All while sending important high-reliability electronics technology to the biggest economic rival of the US? Wow. I hope it’s worth it.

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2 thoughts on “Up in the Air over GE

  1. I also hope so …
    but I doubt it (as I suspect was your assessment)

    but it will make economic sense (for the corp) … in the short run.
    (wasn’t there a novel on this involving critical wing building skills with a major aircraft supplier – going to China .. a few years ago?)

    I am beginning to wonder if it makes sense to just move…
    Sure.. do like the big boys…
    Be the first to take my economic “gains” to a cheap country.
    Live like a king.. (hot and cold running servants)..

    gotta do it before I actually drain my resources here..
    here.. where I took advantage of the schools (for me, family, workers)
    here.. where I took advantage of infrastructure to build my business

    yea.. after all .. everything in the world can be equated into money.

    lots of examples of ex-patriots retiring to .. “the islands”, Central America, etc….


    What was that about a rich man?
    .. odds of getting into heaven?.. a camel? .. the “eye of a needle”?

  2. It’s a good thing for economic rivals to share their technology and create good things. It’s bad for people to hoard their technology.

    I wonder about the non-economic side. China could become a military rival. It’s obviously not good to share technology with a military rival. This is a bigger issue than this GE thing. We hope that trade leads to more wealth and intertwined economies so there’s no incentive to go to war b/c there can be no spoils of war. If it does not work out along this favorable scenario, sharing technology will look like a bad decision. I hope the government has thought it all through.

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