Missing Code in Toyota Claim

Toyota today claimed Prof. David Gilbert’s testimony on the sudden unintended acceleration isn’t representative of real world situations.

However – and this is important – Toyota makes no mention (at least in this report) about Gilbert’s more important finding: that Toyota’s on-board computers contain no defect code for the problem, which speaks to the reason the company’s diagnosis is (according to several experts) incorrect.

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One thought on “Missing Code in Toyota Claim

  1. no one claims the problem isn’t rare.

    the question is… is it possible?

    I don’t know how to read “not representing real world conditions”.
    Does this mean very very rare?
    Does this mean not possible? (impossible in the real world)

    Missing error code …. because it is not possible in real world conditions?
    as you indicated .. still missing because it was dismissed as “exceptionally rare”?

    Same true for conflicting commands (brake not taking prescient over accel)..
    because of rarity?
    because impossible in “real world conditions”?

    You gotta be very sure of yourself to say “impossible”….. (or naive, or just lying)

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